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Solutions for resource managers improve utilization of resources for project and non-project work

Implement a smarter resource management system that helps your organization focus on the right work at the right time to deliver the highest value. Shift resources to projects that align to your strategies.

Planview software for resource managers optimizes resource capacity and improves resource utilization. Effectively allocate and reallocate resources when necessary to achieve the desired outcomes of your projects and deliver the value of your portfolios. With insight to both work and effort, Planview software helps you realize company strategy through investments, people, and the demand pipeline.

  • Plan for optimized resource capacity

    Resource management software solutions enable you to plan against true resource requirements by balancing demand and capacity planning. Promote accountability and improve organizational performance by utilizing people with the best skillset fit and availability. Knowing who is working on what and when through time reporting enables teams to work more efficiently and resource managers to accurately calculate effort of projects. Leverage what-if scenario planning and rebalance capacity based on timelines, impact of financials and demand, allowing you to easily adapt when change happens. Planview provides the resource management software you need to reduce risk and build in success factors for effective, on-time delivery.

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  • Proactively allocate resources and reallocate as priorities shift

    Measure, manage, and track all resources related to your projects. Get real-time visibility down to tasks or sub-tasks and track actual time spent. Planview’s resource planning tools enable you to staff projects by role, skillset, or individual. Utilize request management metrics to analyze the value and cost of work in real-time, then efficiently prioritize, approve, and schedule work that aligns with strategic goals. Easily reallocate resources, or if necessary, request additional resources or adjust timelines to set delivery expectations with stakeholders.

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  • Track resource utilization and maximize realized value

    Get a clear picture of what is happening with your resources – in a single location. Review, approve, and manage resource scheduling to best position your organization for on-time and on-budget project delivery. Configurable dashboards and reports enable real-time insights by department, program, portfolio, or individual project. Centralized resource optimization provides baselines and tracks trends. Use actual resource data for billing, chargebacks, future estimations and accurate reporting. Easily drill down from reports and dashboards to get the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you need to drive strategic alignment of project delivery to corporate goals.

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  • “We now understand demand and how it is prioritized. No matter the question or the issue, people can present data, have the right conversations, and make sound decisions.”

    Stacie Mastin Manager in the Capacity and Planning Department
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