Planview Named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Strategic Portfolio Management
Planview positioned furthest for completeness of vision.
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Translate strategy into outcomes that drive business value with Planview’s strategic portfolio management software

Planview’s strategic portfolio management solution empowers executives, chief transformation officers, and EPMOs to lead their organization to navigate their transformation journey, adapt with change, and accelerate on-strategy delivery. Drive strategic outcomes across multiple functions by comparing scenarios that optimize outcomes. Build roadmaps that guide investments and reveal dependencies. Align teams to deliver with matters most, no matter how they work. Gain line of sight into progress of strategic initiatives. Planview works with customers every day to drive on-strategy delivery at speed.

Create business agility and reduce the disconnects between strategy, planning, delivery, and results

  • Increase speed of responsiveness to disruptions

    Adapt strategic initiatives and assess the impacts of changes on investments, staffing, and outcomes.
  • Accelerate strategic initiative delivery

    Prioritize strategic initiatives and investments with outcome focused, top-down strategic initiative planning and OKRs.
  • Communicate clearly how strategy connects to work

    Promote strategic understanding by cascading objectives and key results from the enterprise down to the team.
  • Accelerate reallocation of resources

    Work on what matters most with scenario-driven capacity planning across departments, roles, and teams.

Strategic portfolio management software capabilities

  • Translate and visualize strategic initiatives into a timeline of business outcomes and deliverables that set direction for scheduling and define milestones to meet cross-enterprise objectives.

    • Align OKRs to Strategy

      Connect and align vision to key organizational goals and objectives.

    • Strategic Financial Planning

      Cascade financials (capital, expense, revenue, burn rate) by mission, strategy, and organization across functional areas and on an enterprise-wide scale.

    • Strategic Roadmapping

      Translate strategy into a timeline of business outcomes and deliverables that can be used to set direction and expectations, as well as maintain clear communication throughout delivery.

    • Visualize Dependencies and Mitigate Risks

      Visualize dependencies, mitigate risks, set clear vision, and confirm priorities to successfully deliver products and services.

  • Prioritize investments within initiatives and understand the impact of trade-offs and decisions across the portfolio.

    • Adaptive Portfolio Governance

      Balance speed and accountability by providing the right amount of governance.

    • Strategic Program Funding

      Prioritize and fund program investments based on quantifiable business benefits – ROI, NPV, customer retention metrics, etc.

    • Product-Based Funding

      Drive a culture focused on outcomes by funding products or value streams rather than specific project or program investments.

    • Strategic Portfolio Analysis

      Evaluate, adjust funding, and prioritize based on strategic objectives against resource and risk constraints.

    • Scenario Planning and What-If Analysis

      Create scenarios to model the impact of potential changes, balance trade-offs, and visualize the impacts of adjusting investment priorities.

    • Incremental Funding

      Fund portfolios incrementally based on timeframe or stage gate to evaluate investment progress and make course corrections easier.

    • Investment and Capacity Planning

      Balance strategic demand and priority with organizational and product capacity. Analyze across portfolios to optimize your organization’s resources based on specialized skill, as well as types and varieties of teams.

    • Adaptive Funding

      Capture changes over time to assess and manage funding changes at both the investment and portfolio level.

  • Leverage flexible capacity planning capabilities based on specialized skills, as well as types and variety of teams across the enterprise.

    • Innovation Management

      Capture and manage business requests that tie to your strategy. Define processes for different types of demand, whether for planned initiatives, unplanned new ideas, or product innovation.

    • What-If Scenario Planning

      Create and compare scenarios to evaluate alternative prioritization, staffing and timing approaches for achieving portfolio objectives. Visualize the impacts of different scenarios on overall strategies, capabilities and products.

    • Strategic Demand Management

      Capture business requests and manage their progress across the demand pipeline; advancing new ideas to progress strategic initiatives and product delivery.

    • Forecast Capacity Requirements

      Ensure programs, investments, and staffing levels are balanced against capacity, taking dependencies into account to avoid costly decisions resulting in duplicate efforts or rework.

    • Demand Prioritization

      Score competing investments with objective, repeatable criteria based on quantitative factors such as ROI and qualitative factors such as strategic fit, impact, and risk to reprioritize quickly.

  • Measure success of strategic initiatives with key performance indicators (KPIs); make timely decisions to ensure outcome realization and goal attainment.

    • Strategic Portfolio Analytics and Dashboards

      Plan, execute, measure and communicate performance and progress on strategic initiatives with high-impact visualizations.

    • Executive Dashboards and Data Visualizations

      Gain line of sight visibility into strategic initiatives to track and balance financials, remove obstacles, and drive business alignment.

    • Outcome Benefits Realization

      Capture portfolio level value rolled up from strategic initiatives to objectives that measure financial and non-financial benefits achieved against plan.

    • Initiative and Program Performance Analysis

      Analyze performance data (such as planned/target, forecast, and actual dates) from the underlying investments across multiple dimensions, including business capabilities, applications, products, services, organizations and technologies.

    • Capex/Opex Categorization

      Plan, identify and track CapEx and OpEx work costs for each strategy, program and/or product in the portfolio.

    • Financial Actuals

      Track actuals and variances against what was planned or budgeted.

  • Visualize how technology plays a role in achieving digital transformation success by linking strategic initiatives to a future state business context.

    • Capability Impact Analysis

      Planning and analysis to align investment and technology portfolios with enterprise strategic priorities to drive optimal performance and advance business capability maturity.

    • Optimize the Application Portfolio

      Gain insight into impact of application changes, business demand, and strategic priorities on your application portfolio while increasing business value through optimization to reduce cost, technical debt, and security risk.

    • Technology Impact Analysis

      Proactively understand and address business impact and risk of aging technologies and improve compliance to meet preferred standards.

    • Technology Investment Roadmap

      Connect technology investments to strategic initiatives by integrating technology investment plans and roadmaps.

  • Deliver the cross-enterprise programs that drive innovation and transformational change.

    • Plan Program-Defined Timeframes

      Develop plans and milestones that balance business objectives with the financial and resource constraints of the organization.

    • Top-Down, Integrated Financial Planning

      Define expected costs and benefits, highlighting variances for strategies, programs, projects and epics.

    • Develop and Share Roadmaps

      Synchronize and communicate schedule, milestones, releases and financials of each application, capability, and product with key information about the associated programs, projects, epics and technology.

    • Visualize and Manage Dependencies

      Proactively manage dependencies by capturing and visualizing the relationships across programs, products, epics, and technology so you can mitigate risk, resolve issues, and optimize delivery.

    • Financial Forecasting

      Manage forecasts against baseline performance; view variances between the original business case and current progress.

  • Connect work with strategy to align to priorities and deliver what’s most important.

    • Hybrid Execution

      Enable teams to plan and deliver using the solution, methodology and processes that work the way they work best – traditional projects, Agile, or collaborative.

    • Project Team Delivery

      Enable project team members to work the way they work best with productivity-focused workspaces that include document management and integrated communication tools.

    • Agile Team Delivery

      Empower Agile teams to visualize, prioritize and plan their work activities aligned to strategic priorities using Kanban boards that match their preferred work methodology and processes.

    • Agile Integrations

      Connect multiple Agile team tools to visualize, plan, coordinate, and deliver their work together no matter where their work is tracked or how it’s managed.

SPM software for executives, transformation and strategy leaders, finance, and EPMOs

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“We took 12 divisions with over 70 locations, each with their own processes and excel spreadsheets, and combined them into one capital portfolio in Planview Portfolios. This now gives Corning visibility into the costs as well as the benefits…which projects are actively being worked on and how they are progressing in our capital stage gate process.”

Heidi Pike

Capital Systems Manager


“Planview Portfolios is helping us to have a more structured process for planning and investment in capacity management for decisions. Now, we have information that is visible and helps to have more certainty that the decisions made are the right decisions. It’s helping us to be more on the right side of the decision or have more confidence in the decision that is made.”

Joaquim Cols Sabata

Director of Operations

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“Planview has helped connect funding and strategic outcomes with work execution. We started to have strategic planning inside going then down to the outcomes. Out of the outcomes, we will try to wait on the projects and other teams, then growing slowly to link it.”

Carsten Müglitz

Project and Portfolio Management Services Manager

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BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina

“In a short period of time, we have already increased our release velocity by 10 percent, delivering 60 features in only a quarter, and have measurable cost avoidance. We consider these huge wins that propel us forward as we have greater confidence in our capabilities.”

Lilith Anderson

Director of Enterprise Portfolio Management & Governance

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