Planview Named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Strategic Portfolio Management
Planview positioned furthest for completeness of vision.
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Deliver business results with Planview’s project portfolio management software

Success depends on your company’s ability to respond quickly to market and customer demands while adapting through uncertainty. Planview’s modern project portfolio management software gives PMO and EPMO leaders the real-time data and visibility they need to guide project initiatives, track KPIs, and drive continuous improvements across all key delivery workstreams. With Planview, the focus of your PMO can shift from managing the basics of on-time delivery and resource utilization to modernize and become more outcome-driven, enabling delivery teams to deliver business value faster.

Modernizing your PMO and portfolio management to deliver the work that matters the most to your business

  • Accelerate strategic project and work delivery

    Empower your teams with the right work experience and tool for the type of work being delivered – waterfall projects, collaborative, or Lean-Agile.
  • Increase portfolio management effectiveness

    Tie all work back into the integrated strategy and portfolio plans, enabling stakeholder visibility and organizational alignment to deliver strategy.
  • Reduce expenses and drive operational efficiency

    Reduce spend on low value, redundant work and cost overruns by evolving prioritization and funding. Quickly analyze and pivot as priorities change.
  • Improve resource and capacity productivity

    Enable teams to self-manage workloads and improve resource utilization while focusing the PMO on managing complex inter-dependencies across teams.
  • Streamline governance and speed benefit realization

    Create a single line of sight and drive accountability with just enough governance by automating workflows, measuring outcomes, and mitigating risk.

Project portfolio management (PPM) software capabilities

  • Plan portfolios, optimize resources, prioritize projects, and advance business capabilities to operationalize the strategic roadmap.

    • Portfolio Planning & Prioritization

      Utilize top-down scoring methodologies or decentralize prioritization across projects and work so that the PMO and teams can make decisions based on how the work will drive objectives and key results (OKRs).

    • Portfolio and Program Management

      Operationalize the strategic roadmap by optimizing portfolios to set direction for execution. Visualize dependencies across programs, projects, and work to understand relationships, resolve risks, and optimize delivery.

    • Scenario Modeling and Comparison

      Model reallocation of funding and resource capacity. Create and compare scenarios to evaluate impacts, balance trade-offs, and ensure delivery on the highest priority strategically aligned work.

    • Application Portfolio Management

      Visualize and understand the dependencies between your organization’s business capabilities, application portfolios, and the underlying technology stack, and programs, projects, and products.

    • Technology Portfolio Management

      Drive business outcomes by connecting technology with business context. Partner with enterprise architects to jointly create technology plans that advance capabilities and deliver work aligned to strategy.

  • Coordinate delivery and achieve value to meet strategic objectives and quickly adapt and pivot as business priorities change.

    • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

      Create a framework for your teams and organization to define measurable goals and to be able to track/measure success of their outcomes.

    • Scenario Analysis

      Leverage what-if scenarios to analyze the impact of new investments against the existing portfolio of approved investments. Quickly reallocate the funds/capacity to other work to achieve desired outcomes and aligned to strategy.

    • Strategic Roadmapping

      Connect strategy, investments, projects, and resources with roadmaps to ensure your PMO is on track to deliver on programs, epics, initiatives, technology, and applications.

    • Adaptive Portfolio Funding

      Fund incrementally to evaluate progress and quickly adapt as priorities change and new opportunities surface. Assess impact of investment decisions and prioritize by focusing on outcomes, value, and shorter delivery cycles.

  • Collect and evaluate demand across the enterprise from unstructured ideas to formal requests, all in one place.

    • Project Intake and Demand Management

      Easily automate the work intake process – capture, assess, estimate and approve projects, collect winning ideas, and manage work requests. Visualize the demand management process and governance into execution phase.

    • Innovation Management

      Support a culture of innovation. Generate, capture, collaborate, and refine new ideas, managing the entire process of evaluation and prioritization with crowdsourced challenges.

    • Requests

      Collect requests for work and change from the business. Ensure that the incoming work requests are well defined, categorized, estimated, and dispatched properly to be taken into consideration for delivery.

  • Make informed decisions on projects and work based on resource capacity, availability, and utilization to meet current and future demands.

    • Resource Management

      Manage resources assignments to planned and unplanned activities, select and identify resources and understand the impacts of proposed changes, balancing trade-offs, and evaluating alternative staffing.

    • Capacity Planning

      Assess resource availability during the project selection and prioritization process to ensure that your organization has the capacity to take on investments at the right time and with the right resources.

    • Resource Planning & Utilization

      Identify under- and over-utilized resources, thereby optimizing resource utilization across the resource pool and improving on-time project delivery.

    • Time Tracking

      Tailor time tracking to determine cost and effort towards progress for each team’s work style: Provide project teams with mobile timesheets, and flexible work costing features to reduce manual time entry for agile teams.

    • Scenarios

      Compare scenarios and perform what-if analysis to evaluate alternative staffing and funding approaches. Quickly identify capacity constraints and model reallocation of resources and funding to understand impacts and balance trade-offs.

  • Enable governance and improve execution across your entire project portfolio with visibility into every aspect of each project.

    • Flexible Governance

      Streamline just-enough governance and provide clear guidelines that focus on outcomes and results, rather than tactics, to drive accountability, control risk and dependencies, and accelerate delivery speed.

    • Project Planning

      Create standardized processes to define project scope by building out the Work Breakdown Structure, tasks and schedules, gather financials and build budgets, and forecast effort and resources required to deliver.

    • Project Management Tools

      Easily plan team projects, schedule tasks, collaborate on documents, and track progress using integrated Kanban boards, Gantt charts, document management, and interactive communication tools in one solution.

    • Work Management

      Plan and manage all work types, whether project-based or keep-the lights-on, with guidelines for capturing changes, risks, and issues. Understand impacts of change and easily make adjustments without disrupting delivery.

  • Support team delivery and project team collaboration, no matter how the work is done and enable teams to manage their speed of delivery.

    • Hybrid Execution

      Offer teams the ability to use the right work experience and tool for delivery – Lean-Agile, collaborative, or traditional PPM while ensuring alignment back to the portfolio.

    • Project Team Delivery

      Create productivity-focused workspaces to manage group projects by providing team members with visibility into the project plan and tools to complete highest priority tasks and achieve on-time delivery of projects.

    • Agile Team Delivery

      Provide Agile teams with configurable enterprise Kanban boards to visualize and manage team backlog, processes, workflows. Leverage lean-agile metrics to identify areas of opportunity for continuous improvement.

    • Team Collaboration Tools

      Give team members easy to use collaborative tools to create workspaces for to support based on pre-defined templates, including template plans, documents, boards, and cards.

    • Agile Integrations

      Integrate with 3rd-party agile tools enabling teams to continue delivering value without disruption and creating visibility into workflow, cross-collaboration, and alignment with portfolio priorities.

  • Manage forecasts, budgets, and expenses, and track plans vs. actuals to confidently take on new opportunities and maximize ROI.

    • Forecasting and Financial Targets

      Forecast the costs and effort required to deliver each project, as well as the benefits or revenue that the project is anticipated to generate.

    • Flexible Project Funding

      Fund incrementally to evaluate progress and adjust based on changing internal and external factors. Model allocation of funding and capacity within and between portfolios to understand impacts and balance trade-offs.

    • Budget Tracking and Actuals

      Track financial data to visualize snapshots in a project’s lifecycle. Analyze against financial and resource capacity time-phased budget or target to ensure deliver work on-time and on-budget.

    • CAPEX & OPEX

      Ensure proper CAPEX and OPEX categorization and alignment by tracking capitalized and operational costs/expenses on a project to directly impact the bottom line.

    • Time and Expense Management

      Use timesheets to monitor actual effort reported and determine how this effort has contributed to project progress with actual hours and costs.

  • Use real-time data to measure and manage projects and resources. Gain insights from reporting and easily share dashboards with stakeholders.

    • Analytics and Reporting

      Centralize project data to create a consolidated view of insights into reporting variances and health in scope, budget, dates, or quality. Quickly mitigate risks and make decisions to achieve on-time project delivery.

    • KPI Trend Analysis

      Provide visibility to key performance indicators. Capture snapshots of portfolio and project information and perform trend analyses to ensure progress is heading in the right direction, and if not, easily make changes.

    • Risk Mitigation and Management

      Visualize dependencies across programs, projects, and work to collectively understand relationships or impacts, resolve risks, and optimize delivery toward the strategic plan.

    • Executive Dashboard Reporting

      Provide executives with the visibility to help them answer questions such as “Are we supporting business goals and objectives?” and “Can our portfolio mix help us to meet strategic initiatives and get our expected ROI?”

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“We are making sure that all projects follow a standardized approach. Being able to see the organization as a whole allows for more effective planning and corrective actions. In the current economic environment, it becomes increasingly important to mitigate issues in order to reduce costs and maximize revenue from projects, [Planview] gives you the ability to achieve this.”

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“We have changed the role of the PMO from a data collection and visualization department into a much more useful, detail- and data-focused group. “A weekly report would have taken us 2 days to receive, format, review, and publish. Now with Planview, it takes literally an hour. This allows us focus much more on the content and what’s being delivered.”

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“Planview brings visibility into capacity, how that affects our projects, and having the whole portfolio be able to see everything at the same time, then talk about it.”

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“As our needs have grown, the solution has allowed us to stop doing everything manually and implement strategic project prioritization.”

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