How to Install


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  • FLATTEN DECAL - Lay the decal on a flat surface, image side up for several hours and let flatten out if necessary.
  • REMOVE TRANSFER TAPE AIR BUBBLES - Air bubbles may form between the surface of the decal and the clear transfer tape during shipping - especially for larger decals. This does not affec tthe usability of the decal. Use a credit card or hard plastic "squeegee" to gently push the air bubbles from the center of the decal to the edges.
  • PREPARE YOUR SURFACE - Make sure your surface is smooth, hard, non-porous and completely clean and dry. For decals over 6", spray your installation surface (not the decal) LIGHTLY with water and you can add up to 3 drops of dish soap to help you position and remove air bubbles. For smaller decals the water spray is not necessary.
  • NOTE: For larger decals with overlapping pieces of transfer tape: Position the decal in front of you with the top of the image farthest away from you. Starting from the center line, push any bubbles toward the right and then from the center toward the left in a squeegee motion.
  • POSITION YOUR DECAL - Remove the white backing paper, and starting at any one side (top, bottom, left, right), place edge of decal where you want it. Slowly lay the rest of the decal down on the installation surface.
  • REMOVE BUBBLES BEHIND VINYL - Using the squeegee, gently smooth out any air or water bubbles from behind the decal, working from the center to the outside edges. Allow some time to dry, more for bigger decals.
  • PEEL AWAY THE TRANSFER TAPE - Over the top of the vinyl decal it is a piece of clear transfer tape. Peel it away very slowly back on itself. Don't just pull straight up from the surface. The slow motion will allow the vinyl to stay on your installation surface while removing the clear tape. You don't want to pull the vinyl off of your surface. If you notice any bubbles after you peel away the transfer tape, you may pop them with a pin and press out any water or air through the hole.
  • ENJOY!

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