Improve predictability, agility, and efficiency with Planview’s value stream management software

Winning in a market disrupted by digital natives requires excellence in software delivery and product development execution. Planview’s value stream management software provides CIOs, transformation executives, and product and engineering leaders with end-to-end visibility into the value streams that run and support your business and a common language for prioritizing investments. With Planview’s cross-tool, cross-discipline insights into what’s working well and where flow is constrained, you can drive growth, reduce costs, and create a culture that attracts and retains top talent.

Level up the performance of your technology organization

  • Achieve business-aligned visibility

    Connect tech and the business with a single, simple set of metrics for the entire IT portfolio.
  • Improve business agility

    Harness end-to-end data to tackle unnecessary cost, waste, and constraints to flow.
  • Restore hours of productivity

    Unlock capacity with intelligent integrations that streamline collaboration and automate handovers.
  • Boost customer satisfaction

    Improve predictability and resolution speed with bottleneck detection and capacity insights.
  • Attract and retain talent

    Empower teams with an optimized developer experience and a playbook for continuous improvement.

Value stream management (VSM) software capabilities

  • Capture flow metrics for products and portfolios.

    • Flow Metrics Dashboards

      Consistently measure speed, velocity, and efficiency across the entire IT portfolio with the field-proven Flow Framework® and auto-rendered value stream maps.

    • Value Stream Analytics

      Go beyond metrics with insights into what needs to change. Understand the root cause of current performance, at both a macro and micro level.

    • Portfolio Insights

      Identify emerging risks to timelines. Hone in on the most burdened and burnt out streams. Leverage high performers to help or loan resources.

    • Bottleneck Identification

      Pinpoint bottlenecks, waste and unnecessary costs. Proactively address them to keep initiatives on track and outcomes within reach.

  • Align business and technology with joint accountability to business outcomes.

    • Un-Silo Decision Making

      Optimize end-to-end software development processes and flow based on historical and what-if analysis. Aggregate metrics across team of teams.

    • Business-Aligned Insights

      Leverage leading indicators to understand if business outcomes and OKRs are on-track. Correlate efficiency improvements to value delivery.

    • Product Management Guardrails

      Sustain products throughout their life cycle. Get alerts when distribution of Features, Defects, Debts or Risks are inadequate to prevent the ‘product death spiral’.

    • Talent Retention

      Create a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. Empower teams with a rapid feedback loop that allows safe experimentation and incremental change.

  • Create an end-to-end control plane to scale best practices and governance.

    • Software Delivery Optimization

      Scale best practices and governance across heterogenous tools and processes. Map value streams and visualize people, processes, and platforms.

    • Value-Centric Practices

      Embed and enforce lean-agile practices across horizontal delivery streams. In-tool guides, tutorials, and dedicated flow advisors help to ease adoption and learning.

    • Automate Traceability

      Automate traceability across the software delivery supply chain to ease governance. Let Planview value stream management software insert cross-tool traceability links for smoother audits.

    • Smart Modeling

      Easily account for hybrid ways of working. Intuitive no-code modeling coupled with smart automations map varying semantics to the industry gold-standard.

  • Heterogeneous tool integration and management.

    • Tech Stack Interoperability

      60+ out-of-the-box integrations allow you to maximize specialists’ productivity while eliminating duplicate data entry and manual overhead.

    • Common Data Model

      Capture, normalize, and maintain process data over time across the entire software development and delivery toolchain.

    • Rapid Scaling

      Reuse and extend integrations to hundreds of projects without additional effort. Model-based integration makes integrations 4x faster to set up and 10x easier to maintain.

    • Data Integrity

      Ensure clean, accurate and up-to-date data in your systems. Automatically cascade changes, updates, comments and attachments to all affected parties.

VSM software for CIOs and technology leaders

Whether your organization is seeking to measure flow to shorten time-to-market or automate flow to improve efficiency and quality, Planview has a VSM solution for you. Reach out and we’ll help you find the best fit for your unique requirements.

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From solution implementation to ongoing operational support, Planview offers professional services, training, and support that maximize the value of your technology investment.

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“Planview is more a partner to us than our supplier. We get from them advice on ways of working and how to make the most of our solution.”

Joaquim Cols

Director of Operations, Santander Technology UK

Implement value stream management with your chosen team

Planview’s network of global service partners and local consultancy firms is trained and available to help establish your value stream management practice. Work with your chosen transformation partners to accelerate your shift from project to product with the Planview platform.

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Integrate Planview VSM software with 60+ tools and applications to improve speed and efficiency.

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TUI Group

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Pieter Jordaan

Group CTO

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“Today, we can integrate different software products with each other much more quickly than before. And at the same time, we are much better able to gain new insights from our data and to use them to become better and faster.”

Rene Te-Strote Littlefair

Project Lead, Central IT

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