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Strategic Portfolio Management

Drive strategy enterprise-wide

Planview’s strategic portfolio management software enables executives, finance, and EPMOs to work together and bring strategy to life. Create dynamic plans to achieve objectives: shift portfolio funding and priorities, promote outcomes, communicate roadmaps.

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The Planview solution for strategic portfolio management empowers leaders to translate strategy into outcomes that drive business value: Prioritize and fund what matters most, compare scenarios that balance different outcomes, build a roadmap to guide investments, communicate plans, and reveal dependencies, and gain line of sight into strategic progress across the organization.

With the Planview platform, executives can lead their organization to adapt with change, navigate the transformation journey, and accelerate on-strategy delivery.

Planview works with customers every day to drive on-strategy delivery at speed. Learn why over 4000 customers and 1 million users worldwide choose Planview.

The best Strategic Portfolio Management software for the world’s most innovative companies

  • Video: Corning – Planview customer testimonial “We took 12 divisions with over 70 locations, each with their own processes and excel spreadsheets, and combined them into one capital portfolio in Planview Enterprise One. This now gives Corning visibility into the costs as well as the benefits…which projects are actively being worked on and how they are progressing in our capital stage gate process.”

    Heidi Pike Capital Systems Manager
  • “Planview Enterprise One is helping us to have a more structured process for planning and investment in capacity management for decisions. Now, we have information that is visible and helps to have more certainty that the decisions made are the right decisions. It’s helping us to be more on the right side of the decision or have more confidence in the decision that is made.”

    Joaquim Cols Sabata Director of Operations
  • “Planview has helped connect funding and strategic outcomes with work execution. We started to have strategic planning inside going then down to the outcomes. Out of the outcomes, we will try to wait on the projects and other teams, then growing slowly to link it.”

    Carsten Mueglitz
  • “A strategic roadmap gives you a shared perspective. It gives you a place to talk about the important strategic initiatives for the organization, and fuels passion and focus for the things that matter.”

    Maureen Snowden Senior Program Manager
  • “In a short period of time, we have already increased our release velocity by 10 percent, delivering 60 features in only a quarter, and have measurable cost avoidance. We consider these huge wins that propel us forward as we have greater confidence in our capabilities.”

    Lilith Anderson Director of Enterprise Portfolio Management & Governance

Strategic Portfolio Management use cases

With a clear plan in place, executives can lead transformational change, monitor performance, and measure progress to accelerate strategy delivery. See how organizations use strategic portfolio management across the business.

Capital Planning

Capital planning is about investing today to be ready for tomorrow’s business environment. Without a way to prioritize capital investment requests and gain visibility to drive informed strategic decisions, organizations can miss opportunities, fall behind their competitors, or worse, become irrelevant in their market.

Planview’s strategic portfolio management solution helps leaders, Finance, and capital planning teams to make better decisions for future business needs. A single source of truth across all capital portfolios, programs, projects, resources, and financials empowers organizations to quickly shift priorities, re-allocate capital, and monitor performance.

  • Real-time Visibility Into Capital Budgets and Investments: On-demand reporting with dashboards equip executives with the data they need
  • Build Capital Plans That Maximize ROI: With investment and capacity planning, ensure capital is best allocated considering financial metrics such as NPV, IRR, and payback period
  • Optimize the Capital Portfolio: Manage capital forecasts with actuals, model various prioritization scenarios, and depreciate capital into future periods, enabling trade-off decisions for reallocation of funds to drive outcomes

Strategic portfolio management from Planview helps capital planning teams make capital decisions faster, with more data and insights, to adapt plans, reallocate funding and resources faster, and quickly shift priorities to optimize costs and maximize outcomes.

Dynamic Planning

Priorities can change overnight. Many companies already struggle with strategic planning, failing to translate strategic objectives into measurable goals, operational roadmaps, and coordinated delivery across the organization. When strategies change, it becomes even harder to reallocate funding, rapidly reprioritize, and realign teams.

Conventional strategic planning tools (usually spreadsheets) provide executives and managers with limited visibility into understanding how plans are progressing. When disruption strikes, lack of actionable information can hinder effective decision-making.

Planview’s dynamic planning offering enables executives, finance, and EPMOs to work together to quickly shift strategies, priorities, funding, and resources.

Deliver on-strategy, at speed:

  1. Revisit Strategic Direction: Reassess strategic initiatives and their relative levels of priority and associated funding – Rapidly model the impact of changes and balance tradeoffs.
  2. Reallocate Funding: Visualize the reallocation of resources and funding over different timeline – Leverage flexible funding approaches to easily reallocate as circumstances change
  3. Reprioritize Investments: Set new portfolio priorities – Balance work that needs to be done immediately, and over the next month, quarter, and year
  4. Realign Teams and Work: Quickly redeploy resources -Maintain alignment with strategic goals, financial constraints, and resource capacity
  5. Review Performance: Engage stakeholders – Measure results and adapt dynamically as required

Create Business Agility With Dynamic Planning and Strategic Portfolio Management

Create Business Agility With Dynamic Planning and Strategic Portfolio Management

Enterprise Program and Portfolio Management

Enterprise portfolio management offices focus primarily on ensuring strategy execution alignment, portfolio governance, change management, and visibility for strategic decision-making. Strategic portfolio management technology lets you plan and manage cross-departmental programs and products essential to achieving strategic objectives.

With Planview strategic portfolio management solutions, you gain access to comprehensive portfolio analysis and reporting, dashboards, and ‘what-if’ scenario planning to ensure you both fund the best investments for delivering business outcomes and measure progress so you can adjust along the way. Take a continuous planning approach so you can reprioritize and realign resources when business priorities and strategies shift or change.

  • Bring Strategic Programs to Life: Define top-down timeframes, financials, and roadmaps; adjust based on progress and forecasts
  • Create Capacity for Innovation and Transformation: Balance capacity against demand; compare scenarios to evaluate alternative staffing and funding approaches for achieving outcomes, and effectively focus resources for on-strategy delivery
  • Automate Phase-Gated Processes: Gain visibility into gate deliverables and status; visualize trends with configurable gate status fields and dashboards
  • Mitigate Risk with Improved Visibility: Analyze impacts and manage dependencies while building technology plans and roadmaps to achieve strategic objectives
  • Share Progress Through Executive Dashboards: Provide leaders clear visibility into strategic progress across the organization

IT Strategic Planning

For today’s digital business, technology investments underpin the company’s strategic objectives. The IT strategic plan must span current and future business objectives while remaining adaptable when priorities change.

Planview’s strategic portfolio management software offers CIOs, enterprise architects, portfolio managers, and Finance an integrated portfolio that connects strategy to delivery, enabling the organization to realize strategic objectives for growth, innovation, and operational efficiency.

  • Accelerate Innovation and Transformation: Prioritize investments within initiatives that will best deliver strategic objectives, while understanding the impact of trade-offs and decisions
  • Manage an Integrated IT Portfolio: Map outcomes to strategic objectives, spanning investment, project, program, product, service, application, and technology portfolios
  • Mitigate Risk: Create multiple investment and change scenarios; compare impact to costs, capacity, interdependencies to identify the least disruptive options
  • Visualize the Relationships Between Strategy, Technology, and Outcomes: Break down organizational silos with visibility, showing interdependencies among strategies, portfolios, and programs to drive strategic initiatives
  • Build and Integrated Strategic Roadmap to Drive Transformation: Capture current state, identify future state, and build the roadmaps that will get you there
  • Address Dependencies: Use visualizations to understand and explore the connections between strategies, objectives, business capabilities, products, applications, technology, and work. Understand how relationships can help or hinder progress so you can build the right plan for transformation.
  • Modernize Your Application Portfolio: Reveal actions to reduce risk and technical debt by consolidating legacy software and infrastructure. Expedite deployment of new enabling technology for strategic outcomes.
  • Connectivity to Your Ecosystem: Integrate to variety of affiliated data sources to bring information into a single system of record to visualize interrelationships and monitor performance. Sources include work management, agile development tools, CMDB, and financial systems.

Strategy Execution Management

An organization’s inability to bridge strategy execution gaps is the primary reason for the failure of new growth initiatives. Translating strategy to delivery is derailed by conflicting priorities, overloaded resources, and confusion about direction.

Planview strategic portfolio management offers a system where executives, strategists, EPMOs, and Finance can work together to achieve objectives by managing strategy execution and adapting for uncertainty.

  • Gain Executive Line of Sight: Visibility milestones, financials, and KPIs of strategic programs
  • Mitigate Delivery Risk: Manage performance with a KPI dashboard highlighting issues to address
  • Map Strategy to Outcomes: Visualize dependencies between business capabilities, applications, products, services, and organizations connected to strategies, investments, and value metrics
  • Define Desired Outcomes: Set objectives and the target results, focus portfolio funding decision to objectives and business value
  • Collaborate on Portfolio Decisions: Engage leaders and stakeholders with workflows, dashboards, Kanban visualization
  • Access Real-Time, Accurate Data: Roll-up progress status and financial data from teams throughout the organization
  • Streamline Gated Processes: Fail fast, deliver faster with improved efficiency and consistent, informed go/no-go decisions

Close the gaps in your strategy execution process by replacing spreadsheets and static program tracking tools with a platform that connects strategy to delivery, whether for a specific line of business or across the enterprise.

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