Maximize return on innovation with Planview’s product portfolio management software

Demand for innovative product design and elevated customer experiences is causing significant disruption to traditional product planning and development processes. Empower your organization to align the product portfolio with strategic initiatives and adapt quickly to change to achieve target revenue and profitability.

Planview’s product portfolio management software enables product leaders to prioritize high-value products, identify risks and opportunities, optimize resource capacity across the portfolio, and effectively evaluate product performance.

Connect your product strategy, prioritization, planning, hybrid development and delivery to truly optimize your product portfolio

  • Maximize portfolio value

    Deliver on your strategic initiatives by focusing portfolio mix on the most innovative, profitable, and differentiated products in the market.
  • Accelerate innovation

    Enable your cross-functional teams to collaborate while streamlining processes to decrease cycle times and deliver elevated experiences to market faster.
  • Adapt to change at speed

    Empower your teams with configurable financial and resource capacity planning, to adapt and adjust quickly when changes impact projected ROI.
  • Integrate products with technology

    Manage increased complexity and embrace multiple ways of working to deliver an integrated roadmap, securing first-to-market advantage.
  • Overcome disruptions

    Minimize the impact of supply chain and sustainability disruptions and reduce your product-development cycle times to improve margin and increase brand loyalty.

Product portfolio management software capabilities

  • Rank, analyze, shift, and balance the product mix, optimizing resources and improving profitability.

    • R&D Project Ranking

      Increase R&D productivity by scoring competing investments with objective, repeatable criteria based on quantitative factors such as ROI and qualitative factors such as strategic fit, impact, and risk.

    • What-If Scenarios

      Evaluate multiple scenarios reflecting different business conditions to respond quickly and take advantage of market shifts.

    • Product Portfolio Valuation

      Determine the most profitable product portfolio that delivers the highest ROI throughout the product lifecycle.

    • Revenue Optimization

      Increase revenue by consistently selecting winning products, eliminating time wasted on lower value initiatives.

    • Portfolio Visualization

      Get complete visibility into the product portfolio and easily deliver executive reports needed to run the business.

  • Create and communicate complex product and technical roadmaps with the push of a button.

    • Product Roadmaps

      Visualize and communicate the outcomes and understand impacts for key launch dates – increasing awareness and improving proactive decision-making for all stakeholders in the product commercialization process.

    • Component Roadmaps

      Connect product component roadmaps to cross-functional resources, investments, outcomes, milestones, and financials required to realize strategies.

    • Technology Roadmap

      Connect technology investment plans to outcomes; Visualize dependencies, mitigate risks, and confirm priorities to successfully deliver smart, connected products and associated services.

    • Integrated Roadmaps

      Examine the dependencies between the product roadmap and the technology, platform, project, and services components required to enable, launch, and evolve smart, connected products.

  • Centralize all the data and processes you use to identify, prioritize, and manage products and projects to gain a competitive advantage.

    • Product Portfolio Mix

      Achieve your financial and strategic targets by evaluating and comparing multiple scenarios to ensure the best portfolio mix.

    • Portfolio Risk Analysis

      Visualize the portfolio mix and balance to determine what changes, if any, should be made to properly align with risk tolerance.

    • R&D Financials

      Increase R&D productivity and financial impact by assessing actuals and variances against what was planned or budgeted via an integrated system.

    • Capex/Opex Categorization

      Plan, identify and track CapEx and OpEx work costs for each program, project, or product in the portfolio.

    • Reporting & Analytics

      Eliminate spreadsheets, manual processes, and bad data. Get configurable workflows plus out-of-the-box reports and KPIs.

  • Generate and collaborate on innovative ideas for new products.

    • Product Ideation

      Quickly and efficiently evaluate, score, prioritize, and advance the most promising ideas.

    • Voice of Customer

      Capture the voice of the customer and collaborate on the most innovative ideas.

    • Customer Requirements

      Capture customer requirements to fuel innovative ways to improve customer experience.

    • Market Insights

      Map your product portfolio toward success using insights into product development industry trends, challenges, and risks.

    • Mobile-Enabled Innovation

      Capture inspiration in real-time, access challenges, post ideas, vote, comment, collaborate, or perform other user activities on the go.

  • Ensure you have the right people with the right skills available when they are needed.

    • Role-Based Planning

      Forecast resource availability to guarantee the right resources with the right skills are available.

    • Multi-Project Allocation

      Track and manage aspects that impact potential allocation to projects (role, skill, region, cost rate, certification, and area of interest) to grow resource experience and improve employee retention.

    • Resource Utilization

      Resolve resource overloads before they delay product launches using effective resource management tools.

    • Forecast Capacity Requirements

      Ensure programs, investments, and staffing levels are balanced against capacity, taking dependencies into account to avoid costly decisions resulting in duplicate efforts or rework.

    • Real-Time Resource Views

      Spot potential resource conflicts and gaps where human and production resources are needed to ensure that what matters most can be completed.

  • Embrace multiple ways of working to speed time-to-market and ensure on-time product delivery.

    • Gated Process Automation

      Accelerate development projects and rapidly deliver the most innovative, profitable, and differentiated products – on time and on budget. Decrease cost by killing projects earlier in the commercialization process.

    • Project Management

      Deliver new product development projects, on time and on budget, with gated project management software.

    • Agile Stage Gate Model

      Support team working preferences with hybrid execution, combined with the project and portfolio visibility needed to synchronize delivery of what is most important.

    • Project Team Delivery

      Enable project team members to work the way they work best with productivity-focused workspaces that include document management and integrated communication tools.

    • Agile Team Delivery

      Empower Agile teams to visualize, prioritize and plan their work activities aligned to strategic priorities using Kanban boards that match their preferred work methodology and processes.

    • Project Risks and Changes

      Catalog and manage all changes, risks, and issues that arise during the lifetime of a project via configurable approval lifecycles for scope management, auditing, and continuous improvement purposes.

    • Stage Gate Process Dashboards

      Clearly visualize the stage of every project and utilize embedded dashboards to simplify and speed gate meetings.

  • Streamline key lifecycle stage processes with access to the right data and collaboration.

    • Product Launch Planning

      Consistently hit product launch windows by ensuring everyone from marketing to legal and from sales to supply chain has completed their part of the process.

    • Product Catalog

      Analyze performance data to make trade-off decisions regarding which products to develop, enhance, or sunset.

    • Product End of Life

      Streamline end-of-life processes including product post-mortems, financial transitions, and other workflow tools required to pull a product from market and apply lessons learned.

Product portfolio management software for product development organizations

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