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Leverage capability and technology management software to create real change by contextualizing technology into the business capabilities that deliver strategic outcomes – at digital speed

Planview software for enterprise architects empowers the strategy-centric EA to engage stakeholders across the organization to jointly create technology plans that advance strategies and achieve business objectives. A simple modeling tool likely won’t get you there; the breadth of today’s demands outpaces what these tools can deliver. Advance beyond the standard tools for enterprise architects and drive faster transformation with a powerful capability and technology solution that does more.

  • Define a capability and technology roadmap

    Enterprise architects at the center of digital transformation drive top-down strategy across the enterprise’s portfolios: Strategy, capability, application, project, product, and technology. Create cross-functional capability and technology roadmaps that connect the investments, outcomes, milestones, and financials required to realize strategies. Use the roadmap to provide a consistent view of required changes, understand relationships, account for interdependencies, and easily adapt the plan as conditions change.

  • Understand gaps and mature business capabilities for digital strategy

    Enterprise architects need to assess business capability against digital strategy to identify impacts and propose investments for enhancement or creation of new capabilities. Model and link business capabilities to your technology portfolio to determine strategic gaps, prioritize investments, and work with your PMO to define the programs and resources to deliver.

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  • Engage with a broader organization to drive change

    Be more effective in driving change by engaging with the broader organization outside of IT and Enterprise Architecture. Easily create virtual, cross-functional teams with people from across your organization to collaborate on the creation of documents, get agreement and consensus on complex architectures, deliver advice, and get other work done. Make assignments and keep everyone involved up-to-date with Kanban style boards and mobile and desktop status notifications.

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  • Make informed technology investment decisions

    Guide your planning and delivery teams by giving them a governance framework that provides a single source of information for strategy-aligned technology portfolios. Enable prioritization of the projects critical to the strategy roadmap and achieving company goals.

  • Deliver optimized application and technology portfolios

    Deliver application and technology portfolios that can be quickly adapted and changed, with lower risk, and at an optimal cost to help your company become more agile. An optimized application portfolio allows you to employ continuous modernization to respond to your customers faster, generate more revenue, and differentiate yourself from your company’s competition.

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  • Proactively manage the impact of technology lifecycles and mitigate risk

    Evaluate the applicability of new technologies to your business faster than your competition and gain a competitive advantage. Avoid unplanned downtime and unplanned work by tracking vendor technology lifecycles proactively. Get automatic notification of key lifecycle events (e.g. going out of support) with plenty of lead time to plan updates and changes instead of reacting to fire drills and basic IT standards management.

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  • “Troux has a very extensive meta model, therefore we can increase the quantity and variety of data held in the tool to deliver greater value.”

    Dean Holland Head of the Global Design Authority
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