Custom Laptop Bags & Messenger Bags

When you’re headed to work, you’ve got a lot on your mind—and your body. In one hand, you carry a cell phone, talking to a client about a big, important business deal. In the other, a vanilla latte, the fuel from which you derive the morning’s energy. But there’s more important cargo to carry—cargo like laptops and pens and notepads—and you can’t afford to ignore those, either. That’s why these corporate Messenger & Laptop bags should be an essential item for your work gear. If you want your company brand to become ubiquitous at your office, add your logo to these Messenger & Laptop Bags. The only thing your employees will use more? Those vanilla lattes.



OGIO Black Voyager Messenger

As low as $57.99

OGIO Red Vault Messenger

As low as $43.19

Gemline Royal Blue Ovation Portfolio

MSRP: $12.99