Power the quote-to-cash lifecycle

with Planview® ChangePoint Services Automation software

Planview ChangePoint connects all aspects of your services organization using professional services automation to streamline quote-to-cash and drive profitability.

Planview ChangePoint is a foundational element in Planview’s PSA solution

  • Professional Services Automation

    Enables services organizations to connect project, resource, and financial management capabilities in order to gain visibility across the entire opportunity-to-revenue lifecycle.

Planview ChangePoint features

  • Gain early visibility into services opportunities to ensure more accurate forecasted demand/capacity for services delivery success.

    • Pipeline and Backlog Tracking

      Use as your opportunity record or integrate with your CRM, with bi-directional data flow, for full visibility into all aspects of your opportunities.

    • Workstream Planning

      Create scenarios for opportunities and resources to see the potential impact of opportunities and to maximize your resource utilization and revenue potential.

    • Capacity Planning

      Get a full picture of your organization’s capacity versus demand, with full visibility into your teams’ availability, so that you can better plan and optimize the assignment of resources across engagements.

    • Portfolio-level Visibility

      Create portfolios by teams, projects, departments, regions, and clients to visualize performance and/or potential impacts across broader groups.

    • Contract Management

      Create and execute on contracts more efficiently by clearly establishing the financial, rate and billing structures to drive profits and delivery success.

  • Enable repeatable delivery success and profitability by taking control of your customer projects and work.

    • Project and Customer Portfolios

      Create and manage customer and project KPI focused portfolios to ensure appropriate visibility and performance for real-time management and success.

    • Project Templates

      Build templates for your projects that can quickly be applied to client contracts so you can hit the ground running – in little to no time.

    • Configurable Workflows

      Leverage the power of intelligent automation and configurability to drive project consistency and governance.

    • Project Status Summaries

      Know your customer project health, immediately, based on the most important KPIs.

    • Survey Administration

      Send and analyze surveys to gauge customer satisfaction and evaluate resource performance.

    • Custom Form Management

      Using Intelligent Forms, create and manage custom or out-of-the-box forms to capture and view relevant engagement information throughout your workflow.

    • Project Financial Governance

      View and manage financials by project for a narrower view of revenue and cost.

  • Maximize resource allocation and utilization with discipline, reducing cost overruns and delays.

    • Skill and Expertise-Based Views

      See skills, experience, and more to align resources to the right work.

    • Dynamic Gantt Chart Views

      View a Gantt timeline distribution of all availability impacting your dedicated resources.

    • Services Resource Matching

      Search for resources based on various parameters like assigned work, qualifications, location, experience etc.

    • Knowledge Management

      Store, organize, and share relevant information and resources for your people and customers.

    • Billing and Cost Rates

      Easily create and manage all billing and cost rates by resource and the product and services you offer.

    • Performance Manager

      Set and view key individual performance metrics.

    • Real-Time Utilization Views

      View your resource utilization in real-time as projects progress and changes happen so you can optimize as needed.

  • Orchestrate and deliver work flexibly, in multiple ways for profitable and successful engagements.

    • Workspace Collaboration

      With the ChangePoint PLUS add-on, use our ProjectPlace connector to complete all client delivery work with flexibility and ease while maintaining financial integrity.

    • Integrated Task Management

      Create, edit, and manage tasks and assignments with financial flexibility and greater control.

    • Mobile App

      Anywhere, anytime access for your resources to input time and expenses.

    • Agile Software Integration

      Integrate with agile software like Jira and Azure DevOps to gain visibility into your software development teams work.

  • Build a financial foundation across the lifecycle capturing hours, billing, revenue, margin, and more that impact business financials.

    • Revenue Forecasting

      Make predictive estimates on expected revenue and client opportunities to anticipate resources needed to complete client projects.

    • Revenue Recognition

      Accurately track recognition revenue based on project or milestone completion.

    • Budgeting

      Build budgets to specify the services, products, and expenses anticipated on a project. Allow multiple rates on the same resource on the same project.

    • Time and Expense Tracking

      Provide anytime, anywhere access to time and expense tracking and approvals for timely invoicing.

    • Billing and Rate Management

      Accurately define what clients should be billed with clearly defined resource rates based on various factors.

    • Global Financial Structure

      Ability to enable global/geo/regional financial structures to support financial differences in currency, tax, rates, and more to bill and maintain compliance with accounting standards.

    • Flexible Billing Structures

      Complete work and bill by multiple business models including T&M, Fixed Fee, Subscriptions, and Outcomes all within one project.

  • Analyze services delivery data, on your own terms, without relying on reporting teams.

    • Interactive Dashboards

      Out-of-the-box, preconfigured visualizations with actionable insights.

    • Real-time Drill-through Analysis

      Dive deep into relevant trends that the system automatically provides for you – all on its own using the IBM Cognos analytics engine.

    • Real-time Utilization Tracking

      Dive deeper into your resource utilization trends to better plan for future engagements such as determining whether to hire or contract.

    • AI and Natural Language Search

      Use natural language questions to explore more about your data and IBM Watson will provide contextual responses

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Planview delivers award-winning products

Planview PPM Pro

Planview PPM Pro

Planview PPM Pro

Planview Portfolios
(formerly Planview Enterprise One)

Planview Portfolios
(formerly Planview Enterprise One)

Planview Portfolios
(formerly Planview Enterprise One)

Planview AgilePlace
(formerly Planview LeanKit)

Planview AgilePlace
(formerly Planview LeanKit)

Planview PPM Pro

Planview PPM Pro

Planview PPM Pro

Planview Portfolios
(formerly Planview Enterprise One)

Planview Portfolios
(formerly Planview Enterprise One)

Planview Portfolios
(formerly Planview Enterprise One)

Planview AgilePlace
(formerly Planview LeanKit)

Planview AgilePlace
(formerly Planview LeanKit)

Connect Planview ChangePoint with the applications you already use

  • • SalesForce
  • • Microsoft Dynamic 365
  • • sap
  • • NetSuite
  • • oracle-gateway
  • • ADP

Hear what our customers say about Planview ChangePoint

Customer Experience
“At the start of COVID-19, ChangePoint SA helped with rapid rescheduling of projects, and we were able to de-assign contractors to keep our internal employees busy.”
PMO Leader Global 500 Electronics Firm

Customer Case Study


“ChangePoint has given us greater control over our projects and improved insight into project health. And from that we have greater insight into the financial health of our business. It is an incredibly powerful tool and I’d not want to do without.”
Matthew Skelton Technical Director
Read case study • Priocept
Customer Case Study

SD Worx

“We have older sets of data, such as revenue figures and business information, which we plan to integrate with what we have on ChangePoint. Expanding our data cube in this way will allow us to make even better-informed decisions by spotting wider trends. Putting this existing data to work will allow us to use ChangePoint to make increasingly intelligent business decisions.”
Benjamin Verlinden Sr. Project Manager
SD Worx
Read case study • SD Worx

Planview keeps your data private and secure

  • Security

    Planview adopts a culture of security and holds confidentiality of customer information as its highest priority.
  • Compliance

    Planview adheres to stringent standards and regulations and undergoes independent validation of compliance.
  • Privacy

    Planview’s commitment to privacy extends to every facet of the organization to ensure customer data is managed with the utmost of care.
  • Reliability

    Planview® SaaS solutions are built on highly available, performant infrastructure to deliver our world class product line whenever it’s needed.
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