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Somewhere in the mind of an employee, partner, or customer is an idea that can radically transform your business. Spigit innovation management software enables you to easily uncover these ground-breaking ideas, manage them, and bring them to market with minimal effort from your innovation team.

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  • Challenge Templates

    Broadcast ideas, discover opportunities, and solve problems using preconfigured or custom templates to easily and quickly explore specific innovation use cases

  • Embedded Guides & Tutorials

    Solicit advice and discover best practices through in-app chat with tech support, help center links, embedded videos, and step-by-step walkthroughs

  • Executive Dashboards, Reporting & Analytics

    Maximize business intelligence with customized dashboards, reporting and built-in analytics to illustrate and evaluate all the elements of your programs

  • Idea Evaluation & Expert Reviews

    Leverage automation to push prioritized ideas to appropriate subject matter experts who compare and evaluate them to narrow the field and drive workflow

  • Idea Ranking with Pairwise Comparison

    Rank ideas at any time based solely on merit and without bias through a sophisticated branching algorithm that uses prior user assessments to determine pairings

  • Gated Ideation Workflow Automation

    Promote ideas automatically from crowd selection to subject matter experts, and use scoring methods to prioritize them, removing the need to review every idea

  • Idea Consolidation with Machine Learning

    Use natural language processing to identify and consolidate comparable ideas to keep the crowd focused on the strongest concepts—all without admin interaction

  • Configurable Idea Capture Forms

    Capture ideas with build-your-own-idea forms that start with a standard format and include a wide variety of configurable options for customization

  • Idea Voting & Commenting

    Gather crowd feedback through public or private comments by collecting social media style “likes,” or by allowing users to rate ideas on a star-based system

  • In-Application Administrative Configuration

    Get started fast with preconfigured templates for conformity, or customize each challenge through an admin panel equipped with embedded guides for assistance

  • End to End Innovation Delivery

    Export data via API to popular delivery mechanisms, or connect seamlessly to Planview delivery apps to see the entire value chain, from idea entry to delivery

  • Social Activity Feed & Trends

    Leverage popular elements of social media to build community and increase engagement in ways that help cultivate ideas, rather than just collect them

  • Mobile-Enabled Innovation

    Capture inspiration in real time: Access challenges, post ideas, vote, comment, collaborate, or perform other user activities during your commute or on the go

  • Guided User Interface & Multi-Lingual Support

    Personalize guidance through the Spigit process ensuring that each user is only presented with fresh content—all made available in a variety of languages

  • Open Innovation with Customers, Partners, & Academia

    Extend engagement to key external crowds with easy access to the system through social media credentials

  • User Skills & Interests

    Enable users to add skills and interests to their profiles and use that data to build effective teams and to push challenges to specific skillsets

  • Crowd Predictions

    Incorporate diversity of thought and opinion to help prioritize ideas by allowing users to estimate revenue, cost and delivery time required for an idea

  • Create Innovation Teams

    Use skills and interests listed in user profiles to build cross-functional innovation teams for a wide pool of knowledge and a healthy diversity of perspectives

  • Participation Rewards & Gamification

    Leverage embedded gamification elements like badges and points to drive engagement, and a reputation tool to evaluate each user’s participation

  • RESTful API Capabilities

    Use APIs to participate in conversations, register users, create user accounts, and perform other functions from outside the Spigit system

  • Team Tap

    Democratize the ideation process by enabling users to create and manage challenges their own way—without the need for an admin, templates or an admin panel

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Spigit Customer Success

  • Video: Premera Blue Cross – Planview customer testimonial “Planview Spigit inspires employees to speak up and share their knowledge and ideas. Instead of just saying we want to hear from them, we are showing them that their contributions matter.”

    Patti Brooke Director of Innovation
  • “Using Planview Spigit with our customers shows that we are a partner committed to solving their problems. As a customer-driven company, nothing makes us happier.”

    Mike Prefling VP of Innovation
  • Video: Nasdaq – Planview customer testimonial “We want to make sure that our employees are engaged, that they do see themselves as contributing to the story, and to our growth opportunities.”

    Rebecca Cameron Corporate Strategy
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